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Murder suspect with ankle bracelet goes missing

A monitoring agency has confirmed that a murder suspect was in the area where a man’s badly burned body was found Sunday night,The Nassau Guardianhas learned.

However, ICS Security Concepts has lost track of Cambridge Lane resident Brandon Humes since the discovery of a man’s charred remains in South Beach, according to a well-placed source.

In January, a judge released the accused triple murderer on$30,000 bail on the condition that his movements were tracked by a GPS-enabled ankle bracelet.

Police found a man’s body in the back seat of a Jeep Cherokee that was found burning on a track road off Dorsette Street, South Beach, around 10:20p.m. Sunday. Police found the body once the blaze was extinguished.

Humes’family has also filed a missing person’s report as they have not seen him since Sunday, the source said. According to the source, the monitoring device could provide investigators with valuable information about what happened before the man’s death, if it is confirmed the victim was Humes.

Police arrested and charged Humes with the September 20, 2008 murders of Sirdino Smith, Lavardo Armbrister and Vanessa Williams.

Someone opened fire on them as they walked to their car, which was parked outside the Pitt Restaurant and Bar, a popular Augusta Street hangout.

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