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Alleged armed robber killed

A shoot-out involving a store clerk and two alleged armed robbers ended with one of the alleged assailants dead in the street, police said yesterday.

The incident occurred on Blue Hill Road south shortly before 4 p.m. yesterday, according to police press liaison officer Sergeant Chrislyn Skippings.

The alleged robbery attempt began when several men parked a rented vehicle near the entrance of Klassy Collections clothing store, Skippings reported.

She said two armed men jumped out of the vehicle and entered the store.

One of the men stood by the door, while the other man pretended to want to make a purchase before attempting to rob the clerk, according to Skippings.

When the clerk resisted, the man shot at him, she said, adding that the clerk then returned fire from a licensed shotgun.

She said the alleged gunman fled the store with the clerk chasing after him and when the clerk got near the door the other alleged gunman opened fire.

The clerk returned fire, hitting the second gunman, who collapsed in the middle of Blue Hill Road a few feet from the store and died where he fell, according to Skippings.

Police reportedly recovered a handgun from the dead man’s body.

Another man was spotted handcuffed in a police car whenThe Guardianarrived on the scene. A young woman was also seen handcuffed sitting in the back of another police car.

Police are reportedly searching for another suspect as investigations continue.

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