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Arawak Homes announces bridal registry

Arawak Homes is positioning itself to increase its share of the newlywed market on the eve of the spring and summer wedding season, announcing the reintroduction of its bridal registry yesterday.

The innovative program is designed to encourage home ownership and create an opportunity for prospective homeowner couples to raise a down payment on their home, President of Arawak Homes Franon Wilson toldGuardian Businessyesterday. Themed”Love and Homeownership”, the program will work like any other bridal registry, except that instead of dinnerware, fledgling families can get a start on home ownership.

“It works just like any bridal registry, the only difference is instead of getting things for after you move into the home, this will help you to get into the home,”Wilson said.

Arawak Homes will officially launch the program on Sunday, March 27, during the Bahamas Bridal Show 2011 at the Wyndham Nassau Resort. The marketing effort is aimed at soon-to-be newlyweds in the process of planning their weddings and considering which registry will be best for them. Wilson said that while the traditional registries, which offer’pomp and pageantry’, will be right for some, for others his company’s program will be the right fit.

“There will be[couples]out there who are going to say, this is about us and our future family, and we want to be financially prudent and ensure that we use this one-time opportunity to help us raise money and move into our own home,”Wilson said. The economic conditions of the last two to three years resulted in many people exhausting their savings, he added, leading his company to re-introduce the program.

In addition to being applied to home down payments and closing costs, the registry may be used for home finishings like hard surface countertops or a whirlpool tub.

The registry service will offer reconciled accounting of gifts with a receipt presented to all donors, and a copy of the receipt maintained at Arawak Homes for accounting and to generate thank you cards. The plan is available for Arawak Homes developments in New Providence. Well wishers using the registry to celebrate a loved one’s wedding will be able to make payments at the company’s offices on Shirley Street and Blue Hill Road.

Prospective brides planing to attend the bridal show may be interested in knowing that Arawak Homes has also announced it will offer a”meaningful award”to the Bride of the Year in March 2012.

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