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Cable Bahamas partnering with global IP services company

Sigma Systems, an industry leader in advanced IP(Internet Protocol)service fulfillment solutions, and Cable Bahamas, the country’s largest provider of broadband and cable TV services, announced today that the operator will upgrade its operational support system(OSS)with Sigma Systems’Device Provisioning Manager software.

Cable Bahamas will utilize the software to support its voice and broadband service delivery.

Cable Bahamas has a highly advanced broadband network, high-speed Internet subscribers and customers utilizing international and domestic private line data circuits, IP transit and telecom/data co-location.

Device Provisioning Manager, which is part of Sigma Systems next-generation OSS portfolio of IP service fulfillment solutions, will allow Cable Bahamas to simplify the activation and management of its voice and high-speed Internet services as part of its upcoming triple-play service bundle, the first such offering from a wholly-owned Bahamian provider. It will also enable the firm to cost-effectively scale as its subscriber base grows, and auto-configure and provision business and its residential customer-premises equipment.

“Cable Bahamas has been dedicated to delivering the most advanced IP services to every Bahamian,”said Anthony Butler, CEO of Cable Bahamas.”With Sigma Systems’Device Provisioning Manager supporting the provisioning, activation and management of our existing services, we will be able to automate our voice and broadband services, and look to deliver new services, such as video, and possibly a fiber-to-the-home(FTTH)offering.”

“Over the past year, Sigma Systems has been partnering with a growing group of next-generation operators in Latin America and the Caribbean that are committed to offering their customers the latest service innovations available,”said Tim Spencer, president and COO of Sigma Systems.”Cable Bahamas provides another example of the regions’advancement of IP services. By working together, Cable Bahamas and Sigma Systems can continue to bring innovative services to the country.”

Alejandro Couce, Sigma Systems’head of the Caribbean and Latin America region, added:”Our goal at Sigma Systems is to help Cable Bahamas improve its subscribers’experience and bring service innovations to customers faster than ever before.”

Sigma Systems’Service Management Portfolio of fulfillment solutions enables the provisioning, delivery and management of integrated offerings, including TV, VoIP, broadband and mobile services; plus triple-play and quad-play.

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