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Davis: Maynard engaged in’gutter politics’

Progressive Liberal Party(PLP)deputy leader Philip”Brave”Davis has accused Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture Charles Maynard of engaging in”gutter politics”and”false propaganda”after Maynard accused Davis Tuesday of offering to pay protesters to act in a disorderly manner on Bay Street.

“The government has attempted to make the debate one of false personal attacks and insults towards the many independent minded Bahamians who exercised their right to protest on Monday past,”said Davis yesterday in a statement.

“Do Maynard and the FNM believe that Bahamians are not smart enough and independent enough to protest against an obviously bad deal without inducement?What hogwash. They have again insulted the intelligence of Bahamians.”

Maynard accused Davis in the House of Assembly of attempting to pay potential protesters against the sale of 51 percent of the Bahamas Telecommunications Company(BTC)to be disorderly near Parliament.

Maynard’s comments led Davis to call for his censure.

“To-date they have engaged in guerilla warfare and smokes and mirrors in their efforts to muddy the waters and detract from the real issues at hand,”said Davis yesterday.

“As many Bahamians are aware privilege in the House of Assembly and Senate allows parliamentarians to make statements, no matter how bogus and outrageous, with immunity from arrest or civil liability arising from those statements. Charles Maynard abused that privilege.

“He continues to make a mockery of the Parliament of The Bahamas, and quite frankly himself. I dare him to repeat such untruths outside of the cover of Parliament. If he is foolish enough to do so, I can assure him that I will pursue all possible legal avenues to recover for damages to my reputation.”

Davis, through House Speaker Alvin Smith, has refered Maynard’s remarks to the House committee on privilege.

“I trust that the committee will move expeditiously to resolve my complaint,”said Davis.

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