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Docked paychecks for more than 450 BTC employees

Scores of police officers were stationed at the Bahamas Telecommunications Company’s John F. Kennedy headquarters yesterday as executive management and heads of the BTC labor unions were locked in discussions.

Executives and union heads were discussing the pay cuts for employees who participated in last month’s Rawson Square demonstration. The police officers were on stand-by in the event of any disruptions.

The pay checks of more than 400 line-staff employees and 50 middle mangers were docked.

The 90-minute meeting reportedly ended with BTC management promising to deal with the matters by early next week.

The meeting was reportedly called after angry employees complained to the company’s Human Resources Department.

BCPOU president Bernard Evans failed to put a dollar figure on the total cuts yesterday following the meeting.

“Some of our members had a problem with their pay slip and so they came down here to human resources. We came with them to make sure that they were okay. We met with the executives. We had discussions with them and they have assured us that they are going to look at it and do due diligence to ensure that our members get all that is due to them,” Evans toldThe Nassau Guardian.

According to Evans, management carried out an across-the-board cut, not taking into consideration if employees were on sick leave or vacation.

BCPOU secretary general Denise Wilson said that the situation should be resolved by Tuesday.

“We have been assured that as quickly as due diligence can be done, our members will be reimbursed, because we have lots of members who would have been docked indiscriminately,”said Wilson.

“We have a particular person who isn’t even in the active employee listing who has been docked. We are going to be looking at all of those things and, hopefully, we are going to get it sorted out on Monday, Tuesday the latest,”Wilson said.

WhenThe Nassau Guardianarrived at BTC yesterday morning, scores of employees were not at their work stations as they waited the outcome of the discussions between management and the union.

When contacted yesterday, CEO and president of BTC I. Kirk Griffith opted not to comment on the matter, other than to say that the issue was nothing new and had already been addressed.

There were no discussions between the union and executive management regarding Monday’s protest.

Yesterday’s meeting brought no obvious industrial action, although one employee said that they may be working on”reduced enthusiasm”.

The man, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said employees were well within their right to participate in the demonstration.

“We are entitled to sick days, emergency days. If you call your bosses I don’t think it should be a problem. So persons who are being cut for that I think they should be compensated,”he said.

He called on management to rectify the situation.

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