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Get a fresh new vision

I know some people, particularly women, who when they feel a little down, go out and buy some new clothing. They also perhaps pay a visit to the beauty salon, where they get their hair done, have a manicure and pedicure, and perhaps even a massage. Once they’ve had this external’Make-Over’, they profess to feel a whole lot better. Well there’s no doubt about it, when we feel that we look good on the outside, it can in fact give us a temporary boost in the self-image department; however, for a person, any person male or female to really begin to feel good about himself or herself and thus be excited on a daily basis about their overall life and future, it is absolutely essential for that person to’Get a fresh new vision’of themselves and the world.

You see, as I learnt from my years of association with Dr. Denis Waitley Author of many best-selling books including’The Psychology of Winning’,’The Winners Edge’and’Being Your Best’to name a few; to really change people, you have to change them from The’Inside Out’, and not as so many attempt to from the’Outside In’. In other words, to really change anyone, you MUST first and foremost change their ATTITUDE, change their THOUGHTS and the way in which that person sees themselves and the world around them. To be a WINNER, you must see yourself as a Winner in your’Mind’s Eye’. In other words, you have to be an’Inner Winner’, you have to develop a Winning Attitude….this is essential!

Yes My Friend, if you perhaps feel a bit down and are not really sure of yourself and your prospects for the future; instead of going out and getting an’External Makeover’, I respectfully suggest, that what you really need is an’Internal Makeover’. You need to speak with someone whom you know to be a powerfully positive person, or perhaps you actually need to have a few sessions with a professional counselor or life coach. This person will be able to assist you in establishing’A Fresh New Vision’of you and your terrific future, in your mind.

Yes indeed, as Dr. Denis Waitley puts it, everything in life should be from the’Inside Out’and not the other way round, from the’Outside In’. To put, it very simplistically, your future, and indeed everyone’s future, commences, just like everything else, in The Human Mind as an idea, a concept, an ideal which we clearly both see and fully believe can be accomplished. Outer changes without the corresponding’Inner Change’will just not work in the long run….believe me!



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