Sunday, Jul 12, 2020


[email protected] opened dors 2000

in long islands

started w/16 diff types of accomodations

not solely hotels but condos as well

done some modifications to make more units

now taken certain units out of hotel sector and done long term leasing

so now 10 units eg 2 bed condos or single rooms

all balcony

available for short term rental

condos liek a villa but not in a seperate building

2 single bed condos take up one floor

each unit

one of the owners and also a manager

family business

she’s one of the princiapl reasons biz got started

mother long island desc who wante dto retire there

she marreid a long islader but no job opps

explored edcuation&teaching.

Min of Ed thought she wouldn’t stick w/job

CPA and risk

part of her focus/industry exp in a/c(public&switched to client acc)so had some exposure

mainly audited hotels

however a huge difference between nass lg scale vs what she is dealing with

entirely diff set of challenges

when she started stem project was not operations … helped smaller hotels&various requirements

it was one of those htings where had to find evrying out on your own

in out island at 2011 have to supply own water

also no access to cable

btc now offers dsl&vibe they only had them in recent years.

when started not even sure had direct dial

not a stoy typical of a lot of out-islanders … infrastructural challenges&simple practicality … utility probs etc.,

equip not in place for a small community.

mktg mainly internet through website

also??out island boar

co-op adverntigns

guests have changed over the years

at one point half-half domestic&foreign now changed so its tipping over

seeing less domestic(recession)

LI still a baby in Tour mkt

Guests from as far a Poland

Other European guests

but most for uS or canada

polish guest discovered them online

also recently a few Russian guests

Out Island appeal more to Europeans

have a high repeat

:OUr guests wnat to keep it a secret: Some CAnadians stay for months ;

as a small hotelier you deal w/every aspec tyou can imagine

don’t exactly have the luxury unless start w/very large cap base can’t hire much people

even now try to get independent contractors … in industry majority of cost is labor

do you enjoy it

on any given day the answer is yes

but you have to catch her at a good moment

“you have to love what you do”not exactly a financiallly rewarding industry

capital, infrastructure, mkt, distance&cost … things cheaper in Nas but getting them to FI is a challenge.

food–peculiar to them in Clarence town area 5 restaurnat w/in x radius … don’t want to cut into local biz&restaurants also require local mkt. So initially started out as bread&breakfast

vover years because of makeup a number of villas hve thier own kitchen

also lg kithen/dining area

had caterers but also ahve avialbe meal plan guest can have food prepped on site

or party

you have to have tremendous forititude. tremendous

currently vp bah out island board

vp out islands bhta

“they are having an extrwmely diffiuclt timewith this recession”barely holding on to keep doors open

lows … u have to be prepared w/how you’ll deal with the lows.

one thing if you’re settin gup in Nas … easier

when looking into out islands you ghave to really research what it is your’re getting into.

the view

when i wake up and i can se such clear water&great variation re water&cleanlines of air, solitude nature

Makes you really appreciate the gems that BAh

also your’re in a crime fee enviroin that’s unehard.

leave doors open&not worry that things’ll go missing

locals don’t have attitudes.

granted we’re all trying to excede in soem way and osme are not as scontent being in service industry

&bahs have looked at it as svc rather than ownership in

OI peole have become so accustome to being entrepreners they exept that things are in their own hands.

long ilsand qu9ite well known for education

plays part in PTA

youth face funding prob. try to place key role in finding donor/shcolarships out there

to give idea of opps etc

in HOSP LIs were generally not interested at all.

those going off to NAS for ed …. if u have 3.6 gpa why be interest in hops?saw other avenues where it woul be easier to advance at a faster pace.

now&in convers w/shocol .. .there are opps in dinsutyr&prog possible to get

Bha bing a lot of seeking funding to ensure opps xitin in nas and abroad

LI dot on map. Compared to abaco, GB, Bimini, Exuma, would like to see&thingk makes a huge impact is fact the LI is very littel known out there

w/mkt that can changefuture

also don’t have in’tl airport

starting march small charger stop .hopes it can improve&see more visitors to isl

&take care

can’t rest on laurels want hig occupancy year around

not just regattas, etc.

on 16 acres

from Deadvmnas cay 13.2 miles south

20 mins car drive.

motivation esp comes form family … you have y0ourself&each other to depend on for success

wakes her up everymorning …w hat is your next step if your biz fails

eg if working for Atl can go to another hotel

don’t have the opp there.

motivates to figure how to make biz better or surivie

it would mean an uporrto and move.

2 kids

part of focus on mentoring … not many when first established but there were 2 smaller hotels, but they are over 60 miles apart … not room&difficult to look to anyone in industry you can key on unless you started out in Nas

however as part of dif orgs&OI promo board had mentors over theyears …

eg Nettica Symonetee, donna jean turnquest sammy thurston, jeff burhc small hope bay

poineers in smaller hotels you’re aware of their challenges can reach out&say what are you going trhough

newer ons in second year of biz

next stepping stone

in gterms of locality … similar circumstances.

come&visit LI … understand crime up 50 percent

would like to see in not too distant future

w/overcrowding in nas the bah visitn&establish a thri evconoy

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