Tuesday, Jul 14, 2020
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Vaughnique this morning we are taking it to the sky-literally. SkyBahamas Airlines is operating an inaugural run of its international services to Fort Lauderdale from Grand Bahama today.

It’s a historic feat that marks the beginning of great things to come, says the airline’s President and CEO Captain Randy Butler.

The 33 seater planes will land at Sky Bahamas’designated pier at the Shealt Air terminal near basically what we wnat to do is give it xposure.. what we’re find out is folks are on wait and se emroe ..e xcelelent opp tp show tem it can be done and.

We’re next to Bahamas.. whats signficant we are th eonly airlie in these new times gong thru rigorous and varous cerifiation in this new environment is what is signifacn tfo rus.. been able to go through all certficaiton by varou US an Baham agovt agecnies..

Talking to airlien thats already in last three years offering world classe rice…just another flight. we still ahve mortimer candies.. greta personal sdvrice of cabiet attendants.. have that same sky bahamas expereince…gogin into FLorida we’ll be able to.. we’re have two location Sheat Air.. out of main airport itself.. and so its goign to be firnedly and more conveneient to get itno and out of the highwya snad rental cars easy to ge tinto and

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