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Are you ready for retirement?

Are you looking forward to retirement?Are you planning for retirement?How do you view retirement?Is retirement positive or negative?

For many, retirement is no job, no money, no vacations, plenty troubles, lots of knee joint pains, baby-sitting grandchildren, and looking in the obits to see who is dead. For others, retirement is doing what you want to do, allowing your creative juices to really flow freely, really fulfilling your dreams, going places you can only dream about now, making more money than you have ever made, spending lots of time with family and friends, and having lots of sex without the possibility of pregnancy.

Do you realize that a good predictor of a healthy, positive retirement is having and maintaining healthy family relationships?One can have a good financial retirement plan with lots of money in the bank, but if the family relationships are dysfunctional, then retirement might not be wonderful for that person. One author says,”Adjusting to retirement comes naturally to some people, while others find it more difficult. A person’s health, mobility, financial resources, social ties, and the reason a person retires, all affect how a person handles retirement.”

Dr. Kenneth C. W. Kammeyer, in the book”Marriage and Family”states,”Retirement is also thought to be associated with a number of negative outcomes, for both individuals and married couples. On the negative side it is often said that retirement is a time when people lose their interest in life, have lowered morale and depression, and even experience decline in physical health. Post-retirement husbands and wives are sometimes believed to be together too much, getting on each other’s nerve and creating marital strife.”

Those who cease work will die prematurely. Those who do not have healthy family relationships will die even sooner. American Society for the Aging states:”While relationships with friends, neighbors, and former coworkers are also important for retirees, family is the social institution that is the basis of our social support and exerts a life-long hold and influence on us. Imperfect though the family may be, it is where most people turn for comfort and sustenance. Family ties can provide a rich source of involvement for retirees and can be a valuable source of support for them in the years ahead.”

Are you ready for retirement?United States statistics reveal out of 100 people who start working at the age of 25, by the age 65, one percent are wealthy, four percent have adequate capital stowed away for retirement, three percent are still working, 63 percent are dependent on National Insurance, friends, relatives, or charity, and 29 percent are dead.

Human beings were not designed to”retire.”We were made to work. We were made to love and be loved. Those with healthy relationships will have a better retirement. How do you create healthy relationships?

•Find the healthy you. Healthy people make healthy relationships.

•Spend time now with your spouse, children, family, friends.

•Say something sweet every day to someone.

•Avoid being critical.

•Go to bed the same time with your spouse at least three times a week.

•Eat and play together with family members.

•Put God first in your life.

Note carefully that a healthy retirement is not dependent on how much money you save, but how much love you share. It is how much time you spend with family and friends and how happy you are as a person right now.

Barrington H. Brennen is a marriage and family therapist and a board certified clinical psychotherapist. Send your questions or comments to or call 1242-327-1980 or visit the website at

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