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Stop condemning yourself!

My Friend, let me commence today by asking you a simple question. Are you consistently mentally beating yourself up for not doing as good as you’d like to?Now, if the answer to that question is in the affirmative, you better take note of the title of this article and thus’Stop Condemning Yourself’. I read the following in The Divine Science Daily Studies the other day, which is most relevant to our important theme for today. It reads as follows.

“God has given freedom to man, freedom to find truth for himself, freedom to live according to his light or his desires, freedom to express as he wishes, but with this reservation….that he cannot avoid the results of his actions. That we have misused our freedom is a fact, but we have also learned many valuable lessons in what’Not To Do’. Sometimes we regret our wasted opportunities, our misdirected energies, our failures with ourselves and with others. Do not allow this condemnatory attitude to remain too long. While it is well to perceive our mistakes, for in so doing we will not repeat the error; let us be careful not to make

picture patterns in our subconscious which are difficult to erase.

As we find a principle, as we think about it and try to live it, we shall develop wisdom that 1eads to right action. Let the past go, do not

constantly recall mistakes and difficult experiences. Live in God’s presence, in His Laws, His immediate Love and Power, and find that Truth does indeed make you free. Do not look for causation in the external. Look to the one Cause that is the one Creative Activity which is bringing forth all that is. You are forever one with Creative Activity, therefore you will turn within yourself to find the truth that is yours now.”What a great piece that is from The Divine Science Daily Studies, which I trust that you My Friend, have taken due note of here today.

Now, let’s face it, each and every one of us have done some really great things in our life, and some which we’re not too proud of, and indeed

would like to completely forget. That’s right, all of our lives have a certain amount of brilliant success which we’ve achieved, coupled of course with some inevitable dismal failures which we’ve also made. However, what is very important for us all to learn here today is this. Let’s revel in our past successes, whilst also learning our lessons from our temporary failures, our mistakes if you will.

But My Friend, do not do what unfortunately far too many do, and that is to constantly dwell on their failures….this is a most deadly practice to engage in. The past is over, so leave it behind and thus’Stop condemning yourself!’The obvious way to make up for the mistakes, the failures of yesterday, yesteryear, is by making TODAY, and ALL of our tomorrows immensely successful.


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