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PM says Bran quit on Bamboo Town

Prime Minister and Free National Movement(FNM)leader Hubert Ingraham has said that he will now have to go to the Bamboo Town constituency and apologize to the residents of the area because their representative Branville McCartney”quit”on them.

“The FNM will run in Bamboo Town. The FNM expects to win in Bamboo Town,”said Ingraham yesterday at a news conference at the Churchill Building.

“It’s been our seat for a long time. The FNM introduced Mr. McCartney to Bamboo Town. He had no connection with Bamboo Town, whatsoever. I asked him to go and run in Bamboo Town. I asked Bamboo Town to accept him as our man Bamboo Town accepted him as our man.

“I will now have to go back to Bamboo Town(and)apologize to them for giving them a man who quit on them and ask for their forgiveness and seek to find in conjuction with them another person. I hope that they can trust me this time again.”

Ingraham made his first public comments yesterday on McCartney’s resignation from the FNM. He resigned from the party Monday.

McCartney broke away from his former party during the debate over the sale of 51 percent of the Bahamas Telecommunications Company(BTC)to Cable and Wireless Communications(CWC).

As an independent member, McCartney voted against the BTC sale to CWC.

The Nassau Guardianhas confirmed that McCartney has taken steps to form another political party he thinks would provide a viable alternative to the FNM and Progressive Liberal Party(PLP)at the next general election.

McCartney’s resignation from the FNM comes roughly a year after he resigned from the Cabinet as minister of state for immigration.

As an experienced politician, when asked if he would give McCartney any advice about pursuing the third party course, Ingraham replied,”I give advice to the FNM.”

The last major politician to form a third party and challenge the PLP and FNM was Dr. Bernard Nottage. Dr. Nottage was the sitting MP for the Kennedy constituency when he started the Coalition for Democratic Reform(CDR)in the run-up to the 2002 general election.

Dr. Nottage lost his seat to a political newcomer in 2002(Kenyatta Gibson)and all of his CDR candidates were overwhelmingly defeated.

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