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Sturrup involved in curious 100m scenario

A very interesting situation has developed regarding the 100 meters(m) final for women at the 2001 International Association of Athletics Federations'(IAAF)World Championships that were held in Edmonton, Canada.

Bahamian veteran Chandra Sturrup, now nearing the end of an illustrious career, could eventually claim the outdoor world championship gold medal that has eluded her.

With 19 medals at the senior level, won at Olympic Games, World Championships, Pan American Games, Commonwealth Games, Central American Games and Central American and Caribbean Championships, Sturrup is the most decorated Bahamian athlete.(Debbie Ferguson-McKenzie with 17 is next).

A total of 10 of Sturrup’s medals have been of the golden variety(six of those individual, and four relay); she has won five silver medals and four bronze medals. There is a chance now because of the investigation going on within the IAAF regarding the Ukraine’s Zhanna Pintusevich-Block and the cloud still hanging over the head of Greece’s Katerina Thanou, that Sturrup could move up from third to first when the dust finally settles on the official 2001 World Championships 100 meters final results.

Marion Jones, who was second to Pintusevich-Block, has been disqualified and stripped due to her drugs’investigation. Thanou is presently under investigation for not being available for testing prior to the 2004 Athens Olympics. The International Olympic Committee(IOC)does not favor Thanou at all because of the big scandal in 2004.

It has come out that Mark Block, the husband of Pintusevich-Block, has been suspended by a United States anti-doping arbitration panel. An investigation reportedly discovered that he was an avenue for drugs supplied by BALCO and his wife received them from him.

BALCO is the Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative that became the center of one of the largest drug scandals ever in sports, back in 2003. Athletes from track and field, baseball, football and several other sports have been caught up in the highly publicized story.

As much as she has ended up on the medal podiums around the world, Sturrup missed out in some instances when many felt she was capable of getting a medal or winning it all. More and more now, as investigations are including”certain”names, it becomes clear just what Sturrup and other athletes were up against.

In Edmonton, the finishing order for the 100 final had Pintusevich-Block first in 10.82, Jones second in 10.85, Thanou third in 10.91, Sturrup fourth in 11.02, American Chryste Gaines fifth in 11.06, fellow Bahamian Ferguson sixth in 11.13, and Nigeria’s Mercy Nku seventh in 11.13 also. Jones and her American teammate Kelli White were disqualified. White has also been stripped of all her medals since 2000 because of her own problems due to testing positive.

The Pintusevich-Block story is far from being over. It might take years before the investigation is final. In the end though, Sturrup just might get her outdoor world championship gold medal.

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