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In Your Own Words(use as a tag)PM selling The Bahamas in Canada

Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham yesterday made a foreign direct investment sales pitch to potential Canadian investors at a business contacts luncheon in Calgary, Canada. Here’s what he had to say:

“The Bahamian economy is emerging from a two-year downturn precipitated by the wider global financial crisis and deep recession. This recovery is underpinned by modest growth in the global economy,”he told attendees at the Petroleum Club event.”Our tentative recovery is largely reflected in improvements in the key tourism sector and by accelerated infrastructural developments undertaken by the Government.

“Canadians have made meaningful contributions to economic development in our country.

“We are conscious of the leadership Canada is providing in important segments of the green industries, in particular waste to energy enterprises. The Bahamas would welcome Canadian business investing in this area as well as in recycling opportunities that exist in The Bahamas,”Ingraham added.”I might add that Canadian-owned businesses have thrived in other sectors of our economy, most significantly in hotel development[where]most recently the historic British Colonial Hotel in the heart of downtown Nassau was redeveloped by Canadian Pension Funds.

“Many other opportunities exist, not least of which involve greenhouse winter vegetable production in The Bahamas for sale in Canadian markets with the reverse production during the summer months,”he said.”Other initiatives now underway have also created opportunities for Canadian/Bahamian business cooperation in forestry related industries. An agreement concluded with the Canadian company Lindar, for example, is helping us with the development of sustainable industries that enhance and improve outdoor recreational infrastructure(boardwalks, benches, decks, gazebos).

“It is our fervent hope that Canadian business will help to deepen the ties between our countries and participate even more in the Bahamian economy. I also invite you to discover the extensive array of business and trade opportunities available to Canadian business.”

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