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Murder victim’s family speaks out

Patricia Williams said she fought to keep her cousin alive, pumping his chest with her fists as he choked out his last words on Saturday morning, seconds after he had been shot with a high powered weapon.

Williams’efforts were in vain.

Her cousin, Sharado Alphonso Wallace, 30, of Masons Addition, died a short time later while three others lay wounded around him.

“I don’t like what they[did]to my cousin,”said Wallace outside the morgue yesterday where her grief-stricken aunt identified Wallace’s body.”He was innocent. I was right there.

“My cousin was in the back of me. I moved, and when I moved I just heard gunshots. When they turned on the lights I was walking past the person who was on the ground. I didn’t know that was my cousin yet.

“Someone said,’Tricia that’s your cousin on the ground’. So I went there and I was pumping him to see if I could[keep]him alive. While I was pumping him, he was trying to say something to me… I can’t sleep or do[anything]because my cousin died in my arms.”

Wallace was one of two men murdered at The Lounge on East and Lewis Streets around 2 a.m. Saturday.

Police reports indicate that while inside The Lounge an argument ensued involving a group of people.

Four males and a female were shot, police said.

Torrie Vincent McPhee, 25, of Saunders Acres, was shot and killed outside The Lounge.

Wallace’s family claims he did not know McPhee, even though it is apparent that their deaths are related.

Wallace’s mother, Mary Wallace, toldThe Guardianyesterday that her son did not deserve to die.

“It’s so sad in this country because people are getting killed and the government just[is not]doing anything about it,”she said.”They just need to start hanging. He was a quiet person. Everyone in the area can tell you he’s a quiet boy.”

Mary Wallace said she found out that her son had been murdered shortly after the shooting occurred.

“The only thing I could do was scream out. I couldn’t even believe it,”she said.”To see that he was just full of life.”

Wallace’s uncle, Talmage Newry, also called on the police and the government to take stronger action.

“We are asking the police to make it so hard with people with this gun affair,”he said, mirroring comments made by other family members who also called for stiffer gun penalties.

Newry said the news has”broken the family right up.”

“Sharado was in the prime of life. He just started working and he really just started to do things with his life, and it was snapped right out by a stray bullet,”he said.

According to witnesses, the man who shot Wallace reportedly got his weapon from his vehicle and started firing indiscriminately into the crowd at The Lounge, shortly after McPhee, who was identified as a friend of the gunman, was shot and killed.

Police said they are looking into those claims.

McPhee’s family declined to talk toThe Nassau Guardianyesterday.

Police said they arrested two men–ages 18 and 41–of Masons Addition in relation to the incident.

Wallace won a murder case last year. He had been charged with the 2008 murder of Jean Sitney.

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