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Two murdered in nightclub incident

A man armed with an AK-47 assault rifle killed one man and wounded three others at an inner-city nightclub Saturday morning as he allegedly avenged the shooting death of his friend.

According to witnesses, the man reportedly got his weapon from his vehicle and started firing indiscriminately into the crowd at The Lounge on East and Lewis Streets, after his friend was shot and killed at the same location early Saturday morning.

The club, which is less than a mile from police headquarters, was the scene of the 10th murder recorded in the past 10 days. The incident has pushed the country’s murder count to 34.

The Guardian has learned from police sources that rival groups from Mason’s Addition and Toote Shop Corner got into a fist fight at the club shortly before 2 a.m. on Saturday. The group from Toote Shop Corner reportedly chased a man who lives in Mason’s Addition. The man, who was outnumbered, fired into the group. One of the men from Toote Shop Corner was reportedly shot in the head, police sources said. He died outside of the club.

That’s when the dead man’s friend allegedly decided to spray the club with gunfire. The man who was killed inside the club won a murder case last year. He is reportedly the brother of the first alleged gunman.

According to police, they are questioning two men, ages 18 and 41, of Mason’s Addition regarding the incident.

The two men who were also wounded in the shooting are in stable condition at hospital. A female shooting victim has been released from hospital.

At this point last year, there were 22 murders. Commissioner of Police Ellison Greenslade in mid-January launched Operation Rapid Strike”to restore peace in the communities”following a spree of murders and other violent crimes. Police say that the operation is a success.

Police also have placed a renewed focus on illegal firearms, which they say are used in most murders and violent crimes.

Commissioner Greenslade called a press conference last week after seven murders took place in seven days. He said,”Many of our slayings are not random, but rather deliberate. I wish to say to the Bahamian public at large that there is not an all-out war on the peaceful law-abiding citizens and residents of this country.”Greenslade added that he was”very concerned”about crime levels in the country and urged persons with information about unsolved crimes to tell police what they knew.

He said,”As commissioner, I implore you not to have the blood of your brothers and sisters on your hands by not coming forward and sharing timely information with the police.”

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