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Woman goes missing from aboard Bahamas-registered ship

The Royal Bahamas Police Force(RBPF)is playing an integral role in the search for a missing 24-year-old Chester, England, woman who disappeared from the Bahamas-registered Disney Wonder, as it cruised off the West coast of Mexico, according to Assistant Commissioner of Police Glenn Miller.

Under Bahamas maritime law, any Bahamas-registered vessel upon encountering any loss of life or serious injury is obligated to immediately report the matter to the Bahamas Maritime Authority(BMA).

Miller said in this case where Rebecca Coriam went missing, the RBPF’s Maritime Liaison Officer, Paul Rolle, was dispatched to the Disney cruise ship to investigate the disappearance.

Miller said the last update he had received on Coriam was that she was still missing and that the investigations were ongoing.

Reports posted yesterday by the Chicago Tribune revealed that the Disney Dream returned to port in Los Angeles Sunday after a seven-day cruise where Coriam’s parents boarded to retrieve her belongings.

Miller said Rolle is conducting all of his investigations of Coriam’s disappearance aboard the vessel, where Bahamian authorities have jurisdiction.

But he said that where there is evidence of any foul play in a country or jurisdiction outside of the ship, the relevant authorities would be called in to assist in the investigations.

“We are talking about(Bahamian jurisdiction)on the boat,”Miller said.”Where a suspect would have left the boat, protocol would fall in place, in terms of the relevant country.”

He added that this maritime incident is nothing new for the RBPF, as the Bahamas has a sizeable ship registry holding vessels of varying size from around the world.

“As a Bahamian registered vessel it doesn’t matter where in the world the incident takes place, the Bahamas has some say on who will lead the inquiry,”Miller said.”This is not the first time this has happened.”

Miller said the RBPF has investigated rape matters aboard Bahamas-registered vessels as well as other sexual offenses. He said there were several maritime incidents investigated last year by the RBPF which have been closed.

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