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Parents claim school locked down after reported theft

Students at Naomi Blatch Primary School on Blue Hill Road were prohibited from leaving the school grounds yesterday after money was reportedly stolen from a school administrator.

Angry parents waited outside the school until their children were finally released from classes almost 40 minutes after the school bell for dismissal rang, according to parents.

The school was reportedly locked down by administrators who, according to bystanders, were forced to call police when the situation got heated.

WhenThe Nassau Guardianarrived outside the school there were at least two officers at the scene.

Police did not return calls for details into the matter up to press time yesterday.

One woman who identified herself as the grandmother of two students expressed anger that the school would not let the children go and that police were allegedly questioning the students without their parents or guardians present.

She claimed police even searched some of the children for the alleged stolen cash.

“When I came here to pick up my granddaughters they said the school was on lock because they say$300 was stolen from a teacher,”she said.

“They can’t be questioning these children without their parents. They were questioning them and having them take off their shoes and everything.”

WhenThe Nassau Guardianarrived on the scene, several students were being released into the custody of irate parents and other guardians who were just outside the school’s gate.

And other parents were also complaining about the students allegedly being searched for the missing money.

Attempts were made to speak with school administrators yesterday afternoon, however, they declined to comment on the matter.

Many of the parents said they believe the situation was blown out of proportion.

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