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Sisters ordered to pay$20,000 aftersuspect fails to show up for murder trial

The sisters of a fugitive murder suspect paid$20,000 for failing to ensure he turned up for his trial.

Senior Justice Jon Isaacs ordered Miriam Bain and Louise McPhee to pay two-thirds of the$30,000 bail that they signed for their brother Livingston Taylor. The sisters had to get a bank loan to meet the obligation because the homes that they put up as security were still mortgaged.

Taylor, 46, is accused of the October 7, 2007 murder of Sylvia Agnes Cates in Rock Sound, Eleuthera, during a home invasion robbery.

Prosecutors allege Taylor broke into Cates’home, robbed her of her 2000 Isuzu Rodeo at knife-point and killed her.

Cates’bruised and stabbed body was found on her bedroom floor after her SUV was found overturned in bushes about 11 miles from the home.

Taylor’s trial was scheduled to begin on February 28. However, Taylor failed to show up for the trial.

He is still at large, although a warrant for his arrest was issued one month ago.

When he made the forfeiture order on March 4, Justice Isaacs said that signing as a surety is a serious obligation.

“The obligation is to have the accused man appear in court on time. The court is not satisfied that the sureties did all they should have done,”he said

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