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You get what you fear!

There was a couple on The Dr. Phil Show a few weeks ago, who apparently agreed to get married on the show. Quite frankly, I don’t personally hold out much hope that the marriage will last. Why do you say that D. Paul, aren’t you being rather negative about this matter, some may understandably say?No I’m not!Now, to understand exactly where I’m coming from, you would have had to see the actual show I’m referring to.

You see, the lady in question had actually been engaged four times already, and she broke off all of the engagements when the person she

was engaged to started to press her to get married. Now, obviously Dr. Phil asked her why she kept on getting engaged and then breaking up with her fiancée when he pressed her to get married. She then commenced a long diatribe about her Parents and Grandparents who had apparently been married many times, and all of the marriages didn’t work out but ended in divorce. She said”Once a couple get married the relationship appears to go downhill”, and of course she quoted the actual divorce statistics.

So, the fact of the matter is that this lady was very fearful

about marriage, as she felt that most marriages just don’t work out. Oh what a terrible negative attitude to have. Now perhaps you fully understand exactly why I stated earlier, that I didn’t hold out much hope that her upcoming marriage will last, because as the title of this article puts it’You get what you fear!’….yes indeed you do!

As Dr. Denis Waitley put it in his best seller’The Psychology of Winning'”We are always moving toward our Current Dominant Thought”. Oh how absolutely true that is. So, in a nutshell, if someone thinks that something won’t work; well then, it obviously won’t….end of story. Yes indeed,’Thoughts do in fact become Things’, so in essence, we all get what we fear.

So My Friend, in conclusion, are you fearful of anything, like illness, poverty, a divorce, or perhaps the loss of employment?If you are, you better, in your own best interests, IMMEDIATELY banish all of your fearful thoughts from your consciousness. If you don’t, you’ll obviously ATTRACT toward you the very conditions you don’t really want to occur in your life. Yes indeed, there’s absolutely no doubt about it’You get what you fear!’Roosevelt obviously got it right when he so correctly stated”The only thing we have to fear….is fear itself”. Oh how right he was. So, please banish ALL fear from you mind, NOW!



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