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Murder trial underway at Supreme Court

Prosecutors on Tuesday opened their case against murder accused Michael Beckford.

He is accused of the October 4, 2008 death of Sheanda Newton.

Her body was found in bushes off Charles W. Saunders Highway. She was only wearing a red bra and panties and had a gash on her neck and burn marks on her face.

Jurors were shown photos of the crime scene before presiding Justice Vera Watkins adjourned the case until today.

Linda Evans and Anthony Delaney are the prosecutors. Dorsey McPhee represents Beckford.

Also at the Supreme Court, the prosecution is continuing its case against Cohen Lightbourne. He is on trial for the July 25, 2007 murder of Carl Russell at the home of a woman they both knew.

Investigating officer Sergeant Mitchelet Meronard began his testimony yesterday. He will continue his testimony today.

Vanessa Strachan told the jury she was in bed with Lightbourne at her home in Pride Estates when Russell, a man she previously dated who is the father of one of her children, barged into her bedroom and attacked her and Lightbourne.

Strachan said Russell hit Lightbourne who held up his hands to block the blows.

Lightbourne, a man Strachan had known for three months, told Russell”everything cool”and he left, she said.

The case continues before Justice Roy Jones. Sandra Dee Gardiner is the prosecutor. V Alfred Gray represents Lightbourne.

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