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You need to get to the why

Let me commence here today by asking you a question, which I want you to answer with complete candor. Now here goes with the question. Do you have some recurring problems in your life, which you’d really like to put an end to?In other words, are there some negative events which just keep happening in your life with amazing regularity, which is quite puzzling to you?If the answer to that question is in the affirmative, and I honestly feel it will be for a whole lot of people; well then, you need to take the instructions given in the title of today’s article very seriously. That’s right,’You need to get to the’Why”.

In other words, you need to commence a whole process of mental self-examination which will assist you in finally discovering exactly why some problems keep occurring, day after day, month after month, year in and year out. Yes My Friend, if you really wish to solve a problem, any problem; you simply must get to the’Cause’instead of trying to hopelessly deal with the’Symptom’. For example: Are you inclined to be rather timid, thus you’re afraid to assert yourself, which in turn results in a whole lot of people walking all over you, figuratively speaking?

If this is the case, you need to search within yourself to ascertain exactly why you behave like this. Perhaps in your childhood, you had very domineering, strict Parents, who did not allow you to become your own person, resulting in your present rather timid personality. If this has occurred, if this is the’Why’of your present unsatisfactory behavior; well then, you need to reprogram yourself by re-scripting the subconscious, in order to completely correct the situation.

Now sometimes, depending on the severity of the condition in your life which needs to be corrected, you may need some professional assistance to help you to finally get to the actual’Cause’of your unsatisfactory behavior. If this is in fact the case, please, without delay, get the assistance you need TODAY!Don’t put it off!You need to seek out a Counselor, Life-Coach, or perhaps Clinical Hypnotherapist who will assist you in initially discovering the’Source’of your behavior, and ultimately correcting the behavior which you need to change.

Yes indeed,’You need to get to the’Why”, The’Cause’of any dysfunctional behavior before you can begin to change your ways for the better, thus graduating to a much healthier, contented, and successful way of life.



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