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Witnesses say child tried to wake murdered mother

A three-year-old girl shook her bleeding mother and begged her to get up and continue walking not knowing that her mother would never get up again after being shot, friends and family said.

The woman, who has been identified as Carrol Jean Jacques, 31, died in front of her daughter. She was shot and killed Wednesday afternoon as she returned home from Bible study with her daughter and a female neighbor.

Area residents said Jacques was holding her daughter when she was shot in the chest on Florville Road, shortly after 2 p.m. Jacques’unidentified neighbor was also shot. She was taken to hospital for treatment and remains there in stable condition. Jacques daughter was not injured.

“After they killed her, they took her bag. And the girl(Jacques’daughter)said,’Mommy let’s go. Wake up mommy. Let’s go.’She didn’t know that her mommy died,”said neighbor Handris St. Louis.

He said he arrived on the scene moments after Jacques was shot. The child was taken away from her mother’s body by area residents a short time after the shooting.

“I feel sorry for her because she(was)a good, good woman. Only one thing you could do now is praise God,”St. Louis said.

Police said three men travelling in a green Honda Civic pulled up alongside the women and child. Someone in the car opened fire before the men escaped.

Yesterday Assistant Commissioner Hulan Hanna confirmed that two men were in police custody for questioning in connection with the murder of Jacques and the shooting of the other woman. Hanna said they are optimistic that the matter will be solved.

St. Louis said he knows both women, as they were all residents of the same area off Bacardi Road.

He said Jacques had few relatives in The Bahamas and her husband was returned to Haiti by the Department of Immigration two years ago.

He said Jacques was a quiet woman who rarely bothered anyone.

“Sometimes she[went]to church and praised God. I’m so sorry for Carrol. She doesn’t have a mother and sister. She only has one brother. And she has cousins, but they left the house. They didn’t want to sleep there last night,”he added.

Recalling the moments after Jacques died, St. Louis said after bystanders called police, two of the three assailants escaped in the car. The third man reportedly stayed and attempted to steal rings from Jacques’fingers, witnesses said.

“Many Haitians tried to catch him but when the police came, they all ran. Yesterday was a very, very bad day for the Haitian people,”St. Louis said.

Jacques’neighbor and friend Alusha Julien said she hopes the shootings bring focus on the problem of crime and violence in Haitian communities.

She said police pay little attention to the area.

“A lot of Haitians feel like the police don’t care about Haitians only about the immigrants,” she said.”That’s why the men don’t care. They come to shoot you, they beat you and you call police and police just lock you up. They ask you for[a]work permit. That’s why I pray God can do something for us. The police need to try to help the people. I know they[are]supposed to look for immigrants but the police are supposed to help too because The Bahamas is too hard now. It’s hard, hard, hard, hard,”she said referring to the high crime rate.

“The police need to keep ties on The Bahamas because The Bahamas has become different now,”she added.

Wednesday’s shooting brought the country’s murder count to 35 for the year.

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