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NDP leader wants party to join DNA

The National Development Party(NDP)appears to have dissention in the ranks as its leader, Renward Wells, is reportedly trying to have the party immediately merge with Bamboo Town Member of Parliament Branville McCartney’s newly formed Democratic National Alliance(DNA).

In e-mails leaked by at least one NDP member yesterday, Wells urged members of his party, as well as the People’s Deliverance Party, headed by attorney Paul Moss, and Workers Party leader Rodney Moncur, to join the DNA by tomorrow.

NDP members were said to be concerned that McCartney’s leadership would be automatic without members having a say.

Wells claimed that Moss agreed to join the DNA and accept McCartney as leader.

“The solution is for all of us to join the DNA, Bran leads, Paul and I agreed to that already, and the other positions voted on quickly,”said the leaked e-mail.”Obviously the NDP cannot nor do we desire to have our way in everything.”

However, a source close to Moss who did not wish to be identified, said that he never agreed to join the DNA.

NDP member Ethric Bowe discovered Moss’position and sent a scathing response to Wells yesterday morning.

“Renward, I just spoke with Paul and he again categorically and absolutely denied what you claim in this e-mail,”wrote Bowe.

“…You are creating something far worse than(Prime Minister Hubert)Ingraham could ever create. DNA appears more dangerous than Hubert Ingraham could ever be and based on what you have done to date I would prefer to support Ingraham or(Progressive Liberal Party leader Perry)Christie than DNA.”

Bowe had expressed his desire to join the PLP if the NDP and the DNA could not come to terms.

NDP members were said to be meeting last night. Wells had called for a meeting with the DNA yesterday, but it is unclear if that was the same meeting.

On Tuesday, Wells claimed the NDP was invited to join the Free National Movement. The FNM yesterday denied Wells’claim and said he initiated the talks(See related story on page).

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