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Get fired up for the Lord

Prayer, praise, worship and the Word will come together in an engaging youthful flair on Friday, June 24 as the Church of God of Prophecy’s (COGOP) youth ministry hosts Youth Ablaze.

The youth-focused event comes at a time when young people are getting a bad rap at every turn and can use the encouragement to prove that not all of them are involved in the violence and chaos.

Under the theme “Releasing the Kingdom Firebearers” this year’s Youth Ablaze which will be held on Friday at 7 p.m. at the COGOP’s East Street parking lot, is expected to be a fiery praise and worship experience to recharge the disheartened or discouraged youth.

Organizer of the event, 19-year-old Katherine Beneby says she is fired up for the anticipated success of this event and knows other young people will not leave without being touched by the fire of change that will permeate this weekend as she expects a strong spiritual fire will be ablaze, and the youth of the nation are invited to jump into the heart of it.

“This year we want to really reach young people and unlock that inner fire for God and the passion for spreading His word.  We want this event to really bring out the ‘Kingdom firebearer’ in them, based on Mark 16:15 where it talks about going out into the world and preach the gospel to all creation.  When young people are ignited for this cause they will be able to go far and wide to share their ministry in the schools, workplace, at home or whereever they are.  They will come to be enflamed by the message of the different speakers and the singing of the praise teams. It will be an amazing experience that you have to see to believe.”

The praise and worship will be led by COGOP’s East Street Youth Praise Team, Rizen Destiny and the Pursuit of Praise Ensemble. Further igniting the praise session will be psalmists Charis Johnson and Shenicia Williams of COGOP.  Guest psalmist Tiffany George from the British Virgin Islands accompanied by the COGOP national youth praise team will also inspire the youth. Reverend Eileen Johnson will be the featured pastor for what is expected to be a spiritually uplifting event and will bring the heat with a “flaming word” that the youth will want to hear, says Beneby.

The perfect ending for the event will be the hype after party with DJ Godson who will be turning his tables with spiritually uplifting praise mixes that will have the youth jumping and having fun God’s way.

“This is an event that will really get young people thinking and enjoying themselves in ways they didn’t know they could. You will not want to miss out on what is happening at this Youth Ablaze,” says Beneby as she also prepares herself to be open to the inspiration this Friday.

“This is definitely an event that parents don’t have to be afraid to leave their children at,” says Beneby.  “It will be security enforced and as it is a spiritual function, everything is family appropriate.  At the same time while we are hoping to attract a lot of young people we also want any and everyone looking to be spiritually inspired to come out and just enjoy the event. There is something for everyone.  We are excited to see yet another Youth Ablaze coming together and we want the whole community to enjoy it.  This is just as much an outreach for the community as it is a youth-driven event.  We hope to see a lot of people come out because this will be something that will ignite your life.”


When: Friday, June 24

Where: Church of God of Prophecy East Street Tabernacle, East Street

Time: 7 p.m.

Cost: Free

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