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BEC struggles with blackouts

Residents in communities throughout New Providence sat in sweltering heat throughout the afternoon yesterday and some were forced to sit in darkness after the sun set, as the Bahamas Electricity Corporation shut down power to thousands of homes and businesses due to generation failures at its Blue Hill Road and Clifton Pier plants.

The blackouts were the result of three units failing, according to a statement by BEC.

Residents in the Gladstone Road, Fire Trail Road, Sunset Park, Millar’s Heights, Golden Isle Road, Cowpen Road, Collins Avenue, Rosetta Street, Madeira Street, Shirley Street, Thompson Boulevard, Oakes Field and East Street areas were without power for hours yesterday afternoon.

BEC said it restored service to many of those areas yesterday evening.

Wulff Road, Blair Estates, Bernard Road, Danottage Estates, Shirlea, Village Road, Kemp Road,

Prince Charles Drive, Elizabeth Estates, Yamacraw Hill Road, Yamacraw Shores, St. Andrew’s Beach Estates, Colony Village, Winton, Twynam Heights, Nassau East, and Eastern Road residents were yesterday warned that their power could be cut last night as well.

It was unclear to what extent the power cuts impacted those areas last night.

BEC also warned earlier that thousands more would have their electricity supply interrupted, but it was announced last evening that one of the generators was brought back online and service would either be restored or remain interrupted.

BEC said it expected all three of the failed units to return to service sometime today.

The statement said the “unforeseen challenges come as the corporation is in the midst of overhauls to one of its largest units.”

“This unit is expected to return to service, at an even greater capacity, next week,” said BEC.

“The corporation is also pursuing the procurement of portable generators that can provide up to 20 megawatts of electricity.

“BEC is confident that, with these generators operational, it will be able to meet customer demands. In the interim, BEC will continue to alert the public of its progress as it seeks to restore the units to full service.”

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