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Keod Smith backs off South Andros nomination bid

Former Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Member of Parliament (MP) Keod Smith announced yesterday that he is no longer seeking the party’s nomination for South Andros where his colleague Picewell Forbes is already the MP.

Smith, speaking at a press conference at PLP headquarters on Farrington Road, said PLP leader Perry Christie offered him the position of “special advisor on environmental matters” to the party.

He said he could not “say no to my commander-in-chief.”

Smith admitted that removing himself from the pool of people vying for the South Andros seat was a “difficult” decision and he thanked the people in the area for their support. He added that he would not be seeking any seat in Parliament in the upcoming general election.

“I am happy to report this afternoon that I have accepted my leader’s call to join the coordinating team for the upcoming general elections as well as serving as his special advisor on environmental matters,” Smith said.

“I will assiduously apply myself to assisting the Progressive Liberal Party and its candidates in becoming election ready.”

The contest for the South Andros seat that waged between Forbes and Smith created an air of malcontent within the PLP.

However, Smith said he and Forbes have been in touch over the past weeks and he contended that their relationship remains amicable as far as he is aware.

Smith explained that in his new role as environmental advisor he will aid in preparing a plan to introduce fly fishing as a new tourism product he and Christie said could inject $500 million into the Bahamian economy.

“A significant percentage of such revenue will be directly infused into small island communities such as South Andros, that have thousands of acres of mangroves and hundreds of square miles of sea flats,” he said.

Smith also took the time yesterday to dimiss claims that millionaire, international clothing designer Peter Nygard was personally involved in his campaign for the South Andros constituency.

“There have been reports that Mr. Nygard was personally involved in my political campaign in South Andros and it has been reported that he was financing my political pursuits,” he said.

“This is not true and never was. I would never jeopardize the reputation or interest of my client nor would I be so naive as to wish to draw him into the Bahamian political arena.

“I have always kept my professional obligations and entitlements as an attorney and barrister separate from my political pursuits.”

Smith served as ambassador for the environment in the Christie administration.  He resigned his position in 2006 amid controversy surrounding a fight he had in the Cabinet Office with Kenyatta Gibson, MP for Kennedy.

Smith was MP for Mount Moriah during the PLP’s last term in office.  He lost his 2007 re-election bid to Tommy Turnquest.

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