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Child abuse is a social misconduct Pt. 2

Child abuse is any behavior that endangers the development, security or survival of a child. It includes neglect, exploitation, physical, emotional, mental and sexual assaults.

Each living person is somehow interlocked with all other persons.  We are part of a whole, and what each of us does affects others.  We must become masters of our world instead of being victims.  It is incumbent on all citizens to create a world that is free, happy and joyous for all our children..

A mother confessed to killing her daughter by throwing her against a concrete wall.  She confessed that she had made her eat her own excrement and that she had  mopped the floor with her hands.  There was no part of the six-year old’s body that was not cut or bruised.  Thirty circular marks that had first appeared to be cigarette burns, turned out to be impressions left by the stone in someone’s ring”. — VanBiema, 1995.  We are amazed by the brutality of cases like these.  Yet, brutality like this is a small fraction of maltreatment that is meted out to innocent children.  There are hundreds of case that are not reported.

Communities must become aware of the perpetual damages that result from the ills of child abuse.  Children need the touch of kindness that will affect and improve their social interactions and academic performances.  We should hasten to consume any factors that will create bitterness, anger, loss of self-esteem and the inability to maximize their potentials.  We can avoid child abuse by putting chains of positive circumstances around our children that will promulgate safety, understanding and harmony. When an atmosphere is established to hinder hostility, injustice, and disrespect for the rights of others, children will breathe the beauty and accept the opportunities of our world.  Children were not created with the spirit of fear, tension and anxiety.  They were, instead, made filled with love and trust and confidence.  Negative situations that incorporate anger, violence and the numerous forms of anti-social conducts must be destroyed through meaningful and effective interventions. Child abuse undoubtedly acts in total opposition to safety, confidence and freedom that every child deserves.

Families are obligated to protect their children.  The safety of our children must be the vanguard of our intentions when we make decisions that fit our personal agendas.  To leave them unattended, unsupervised for periods of time generate numerous opportunities for children to be disadvantaged.  Collaboration of family values and community objectives as they regard the social health of our children must be of paramount importance at all times.  Without hesitation, and fear of successful contradiction, one must accept that a large number of child abuse cases is the result of poor parenting skills, and thoughtless actions.  Many children fall prey to the deception of family members and friends as they are lured in accepting what appears to be cordial  and innocent relationships.  There is often an economic pivot on which many cases of child abuse stand.  Disrespect for moral standards is  evident when there is a refusal to comply with acceptable social lifestyles.  Numerous sexual abuse among children result from immoral standards in the home, where expressions of intimacy among adults and older family members in the presence of children, battle and challenge their innocence.  Our homes should create walls of ethical values, decency, honor and appreciation for the potentials that cloak the bosom of our children.  As a result, society will not be tarnished with the misconduct of abusing innocent children.

Relevant safety knowledge, should be dispensed to every child.  Parents and adults should display commitment in ensuring the safety of children at all times.  They have a right to be kept safe from bullies in the communities, illegal drugs and alcohol.  We should teach children how to get out of dangerous situations and how to detect the enemies of social rights.  Resentments that are sometimes shown towards certain adults, may just be indications of the negative feelings that they are experiencing toward such persons.

Guidelines that can promote sexual safety among children:
•Parents and guardians need to participate in workshops and seminars that give guidelines for acceptable parenting skills.
•Parents need to be less gullible for financial and social satisfaction which they know will create high risks for their children.
•Parents must be more responsible for their children’s welfare at all times.
•Anger management skills are necessary for parents who are often tempted to give punishment when they are emotionally out of control.
•Parents need to participate in an inventory process that will identify individual parenting style, and improve where necessary.
•Children should always have in their possession identification symbols.
• Children should know emergency numbers, their personal telephone number and the workplace of their parents.
•Children must learn to be content with the provisions that parents provide.
•Children should avoid traveling through bushy track roads.
•Children must learn to associate with reputable children.
•Children should report to parents, teachers, or responsible adults, all inappropriate, suggestive advances that are made toward them
In society, every family must develop values and determine how their children will be cultured. The longer child abuse is tolerated, the longer children will be aggressive, unsociable and will display poor academic functions. These human costs can only generate a world of hostility and crime which opposes civil human relationships.

Pansy Hamilton Brown, a social and education psychologist can be reached at P.O. Box N10152, Nassau, Bahamas or

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