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Ministry of Public Works issues apology as road works continue

A portion of the closed road at the intersection of Fox Hill Road and Prince Charles Drive down to Pine Barren Road could be open to one-way traffic in two to three weeks, Ministry of Public Works press liaison official Shenique Albury said yesterday.

On Monday, a group of business owners held a small protest near the intersection of Prince Charles Drive and Fox Hill Road to declare their impatience for the ongoing road construction which they said has impeded their businesses for months.

The Ministry of Public Works issued a press release yesterday apologizing for the inconvenience caused by the road works and encouraged people to visit the businesses marooned by the road works despite the full road closures.

“The Ministry of Public Works and Transport would like to emphasize that despite single and full road closures local access is granted to residents and business patrons,” the release said.

“The public is encouraged to support businesses even though they may fall within an area of active road works.”

The ministry also expressed the need for extreme caution when driving along road construction zones.

“We encourage all road users to exercise caution and to follow the diversion signs in place especially while driving in areas of active construction,” the release said.

“We would also like the public to be aware that this is the rainy season and there may be open trenches containing water.”

The Nassau Guardian reported Tuesday that Latoya Collie-Smith, 29, was badly hurt when she drove into an unmarked ditch on the East-West Highway last Wednesday.

Collie-Smith’s three-month-old son, Seven Smith, was in the back seat of her sports utility vehicle when she crashed into a portion of the New Providence Road Improvement Project.

The baby was unharmed. However, Collie-Smith, who said she was wearing her seatbelt, fractured her right femur and ankle during the crash.

Police did not say if the ditch was marked or not at the time of the crash.

The New Providence Road Improvement Project seeks to improve the infrastructure and transportation network on New Providence.

Since the project began, workers have laid 41 miles of underground ducts for future utilities for the Bahamas Electricity Corporation and the Bahamas Telecommunications Company; laid 43,000 feet of cable for street lighting and 23,000 feet of new water mains, according to Ministry of Public Works statistics.

The Ministry of Public Works press release also revealed that the installation of a 12-inch water main running from the Wulff Road intersection to Ferguson Way south will be completed by the end of this week and that at least one lane of traffic will be restored on Marathon Road between Wulff Road and Samana Drive.

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