Sunday, Feb 23, 2020
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BEC power crisis

Thousands of New Providence residents were once again forced to go without power yesterday as things went from bad to worse at the Bahamas Electricity Corporation’s Clifton Pier Power Plant.

BEC shut down power in numerous areas of the island at different times throughout the day as it struggled to keep up with electricity demand after three of its main generators went offline.

“Ordinarily when we have a situation such as this we would rotate the outages so no one area would be subjected to the outages for a long period of time,” said BEC chairman Michael Moss.

“This is an unusual situation. One of the units that was out of service is the one that just completed an overhaul.”

He explained: “A hydraulic oil line on the engine broke in the vicinity of the exhaust stack and it’s taking a while to do [the repairs] because of the heat from the exhaust stack. So they shut down the engine to do the repairs.”

Further explaining the interruption in the service, Moss said: “There was periodic load shedding during the course of the day because of the three units being down although I do know we had called upon our assistants in the generation assistance programs, but with three units off it was too much to cover the total extent of the shortfall and so it was necessary to interrupt service to some customers.”

Moss said he was not sure of the extent of the impact of the generation troubles.

BEC technicians managed to get at least one of the generators up before 6 p.m. yesterday.

This came after extensive load shedding over the weekend. During those outages, many people on the popular social networking website Facebook complained about the unbearable summer heat exacerbated by the lack of electricity to power their air conditioners and fans.

Other people complained to The Nassau Guardian directly about losing electronic items when the power surged back to life.

BEC released a statement Saturday similar to other statements released in the past two months, citing unexpected generator failures as the cause for the outages, coupled with a major generator being taken off the grid for maintenance.

In the House of Assembly yesterday, Fox Hill MP Fred Mitchell called on the government to update the Bahamian people on the “frustrating” issue.



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