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Lawyer: Woman killed husband in self defense

The lawyer for a woman accused of the murder of her husband yesterday told a Supreme Court jury that she acted in self defense.

During his opening address, Murrio Ducille — who appears for Marsha Lewis on trial for the June 7, 2010 murder of Selvin Lewis — said the law allows everyone to protect himself or herself, or others when threatened.

Lewis admitted to stabbing her husband in the chest during a fight at their five-room home in Lightbourne Avenue, according to the evidence presented by prosecution witnesses.

Lewis told officers that her 46-year-old husband was beating her when she stabbed him in the chest.

Ducille told the jurors: “What the prosecution has brought to you is our defense. What they are saying their case is, is what we are saying happened.

“She was being beaten upon, even when she had the knife he was still beating her. There was much turbulence in that household. There was constant fighting. Police had to be called there several times.

“It is always unfortunate when a life is lost but the law gives every human being the right to protect himself or herself. You have the right to protect yourself, even if it means killing someone else.”

Lewis, who is on remand at prison, made a brief statement from the prisoner’s dock. She said her statement to police was true and that her husband always beat her.

Vernal Collie, the prosecutor, could not cross-examine Lewis because she did not take the witness stand.

Lawyers will present closing submissions on Thursday before Senior Justice Jon Isaacs.

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