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Murder case brought to trial in months

Prosecutors have brought Chuck Brennen to trial within months of his arrest on a murder charge.

Brennen is accused of deliberately knocking down Pedro Williams with his car at Sunlight Cottage, off East Street, on January 28, 2011.

In his opening address, prosecutor Neil Brathwaite told the jury that while a car is designed as a means of transportation, it could become just as deadly as a gun with “the requisite intention.”

Brathwaite said, “The instrument doesn’t matter.  What matters is what you do with it.”

Traffic reconstructor Assistant Superintendent of Police Richard Rahming testified that Brennen was traveling at 35 miles per hour when his Pontiac Sunfire car knocked Williams off his bicycle.

According to Rahming, the bicycle would have recoiled onto the vehicle’s hood and windshield.  He said the bike and the cyclist would have fallen off the hood when the car moved again.

After the collision with the bicycle, which Rahming termed the area of impact, his vehicle crashed into a silver Ford Taurus.

In cross-examination, Brennen’s lawyer Terrel Butler suggested that the crash was accidental.

The case continues in the Supreme Court today before Justice Bernard Turner.

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