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The Bahamas Olympic Committee – Pt. II

The Bahamas Olympic Committee (BOC) is on solid footing. There is no reasonable way to argue that fact.

For those readers who might not have a thorough understanding of the tumultuous environment within the Olympic Movement prior to July 2008 when the International Olympic Committee (IOC) stepped in to resolve an outrageous situation, let me acknowledge my strong friendship with most of the former administration.

The relationships with most of them have not changed. Former Vice President and Office Manager Harcourt Rolle remains a very dear friend. Former Vice President Roscow Davies and I are actually, currently working very closely in another national organization. However, I had to take a balanced approach to the new group of Olympic administrators. Recognizing the challenges before a National Olympic Committee on an ongoing basis, I determined that the new team deserved a grace period before being judged.

They’ve actually passed with flying colors. The IOC, some months ago, had a team in town to check on how BOC President Wellington Miller and his executives were progressing. The locals got a passing grade.

Together, the “constant challenges” aside, they have actually done rather well. Most importantly, the BOC has connected much better with the general public than the previous administration ever did in three plus decades. Secretary General Romell Knowles has done a commendable job of anchoring the activities of the BOC.

Often, Bahamians, especially those involved in member federations, got the strong feeling that in the BOC, they were dealing with some kind of a secret organization. In fact, for most of the long tenure of the former administrators, the NOC did not function from an office base.

They must be given credit for coming finally to the realization that an office was vital. In that regard, with Rolle coordinating the affairs of the office, the organization did become more transparent. The Bahamas Olympic Committee today is a nice model of transparency. People like soccer’s world-respected sports leader Anton Sealey, David Morley and Don Cornish are in the mix as vice presidents.

Quite frankly the BOC today is as good a group as any that could be found within the sporting landscape. An awesome amount of work is before the secretary general and he seems capable of rising to the occasion.

Here indeed is a clear example of the difference between the present group and the former Olympic leaders. Dr. Lawrence Davis who held the post prior to Knowles is considered by most who know him to be a fine person. I’ve always found him to be a good soul. The truth be told though, Dr. Davis seemed quite distant, in keeping with the “old boys club” character of that administration.

I have never in three years, tried to reach Knowles and failed. Most recently, he was out of town on an occasion and we connected via telephone. He still stepped up right to the plate and attended to a very important sports matter. That is the Bahamas Olympic Committee today.

(This concludes the two-part series ‘The Bahamas Olympic Committee Today’ and those wishing to respond are asked to kindly contact Fred Sturrup at [email protected])

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