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Davis: FNM has failed Bahamians

The deputy leader of the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) last night charged that in the context of the major crime, unemployment and infrastructure problems in The Bahamas at this time, it is only reasonable to conclude that Hubert Ingraham and his government have failed the people of this country.

“They should hang their heads in shame,” said Philip ‘Brave’ Davis as he gave the keynote address at the PLP’s Eastern Region Constituencies Conclave at New Christian Life Center on Prince Charles Drive.

“They have failed The Bahamas. They have failed you. They have failed themselves.”

With nearly 80 murders being recorded this year thus far, a fourth murder record in five years is likely to be set by the end of the year. And the on-going roadwork in New Providence has caused significant disruption at a time when the country is still recovering from a prolonged recession.

Davis said if the PLP is elected the next government, crime

reduction will be its number one priority.

“We will engage the best and brightest in the country to develop new crime alleviating strategies. We will reintroduce a proper and wide-reaching urban renewal program and give it the resources it deserves. We will introduce cutting edge social programs,” said Davis.

“We will increase financial, technical and training resources for the police to set up a more effective intelligence unit with the ability to act swiftly upon improved intelligence. We will provide increased resources to train more police officers to investigate serious crimes. We will strengthen penalties and enforcement for those lousy fathers who refuse to comply with child support orders.”

On Thursday night, PLP chairman Bradley Roberts led the party’s attack on the prolonged roadwork in New Providence that has led to gridlock on the streets and significant stress to area businesses. Davis continued the attack.

“These fellas have fumbled so much that they have the whole country stressed out and on edge. You can’t drive 10 feet before knocking over a cone,” he said. “Businesses are closing left, right and center. Just look at what is happening here in the eastern district of New Providence. It’s a disgrace.”

Education reform was one of the areas of focus for PLP Member of Parliament for Fox Hill Fred Mitchell during his remarks to supporters.

“Improving education at all levels is key. That’s why I embrace the idea of the PLP doubling the investment in education over the next five years. I support expanded technical and vocational education at the junior and high school levels. I believe that there ought to be special academic programs for the intellectually gifted as well,” he said.

“Much of the social degradation and impotence and frustration that we see can be laid at the feet of the inadequacies of our education system. I can’t think of a better investment than making sure our children and young people get the education they need to thrive in the 21st century.”

PLP leader Perry Christie is scheduled to address party members tonight at the closing of the conclave.

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