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Concerted political attack on Branville McCartney

Dear Editor,

Well has it been said that ‘Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad’.  In recent times and under different guises, the editor of The Tribune and the Rt. Reverend Drexel Gomez, have appeared to have launched concerted political attacks on Branville McCartney and the embryonic DNA.

The editor of The Tribune, a rank and overt partisan of the ruling Free National Movement (FNM) and its fast imploding leadership cadre, launched a broadside the other day when Mr. McCartney was accused of playing to the ‘fears’ of Bahamians relative to the out of hand illegal Haitian migration problem.

The good Bishop, who really should be seeking to save ‘souls’ for The Master, launched his own ungodly tirade and accused the member of Parliament for Bamboo Town of ‘posturing’ for political purposes.  Some years ago, when the bishop would have been motivated by sociological ideology, he chaired a government appointed Committee on Crime. The ultimate report was well written and researched.  Had he used the same zeal which he is now displaying to ‘attack’ young McCartney, no doubt scores of young Bahamians would have still been alive today.

Mr. McCartney does not need me to be a spear carrier for him or his party, as I am not a subscriber to their cause. I march to the beat of a different drummer.  I do support, however, the public stance that they have adopted vis-a-vis the proliferation of illegal immigration into The Bahamas, under successive governments. The PLP and the FNM have both ‘failed’ us big time in addressing and resolving this long vexing and now out of control situation.

The editor of The Tribune sings whatever tune the FNM and its leader present before her, with all due respect. In fact, they can do no wrong.  The bishop, on the other hand, has yet to put forward a viable ‘solution’ to the problem but would rather talk about ‘Christian’ charity for the strangers in our midst?

What about the tens of thousands of ordinary Bahamians who have been reduced to poverty?

What about the scores of grieving Bahamian families who have lost loved ones to criminal mayhem?  What charity is the bishop prepared to extend to the thousands of Bahamians who have been dispossessed of access to a small piece of real estate in our own country?

The editor of The Tribune and Bishop Drexel Gomez are part of yesterday’s generation which, clearly, is out of touch and dangerously so.  It is my sincere prayer that the good clergyman will not find himself in a position one day, like Cardinal Wolsey, where he would be heard to lament, ‘If only I had served my God as I had served my King’.  One is able to ‘understand’ the editor ‘singing’ for a slice of moldy bread and rancid butter.

Rationalization and sensibility must be brought to bear on a national level to this so-called illegal Haitian problem.  For too long we have pussy-footed and played with it as if it is some ‘cute’ little kitten.  That small kitten is now a rabid and feral tom cat of the biggest order.

Those who have the constitutional ‘right’ to regularization should apply in accordance with the law.  Within ninety days after the conclusion of the next general election, the elected government of the day should be mandated to start the orderly processing of the same.  In the main time for this FNM administration to now seek to ‘rush’ such applications, it must immediately cease and desist.  In fact, any such approvals now granted would be subject to judicial review and, where appropriate cancelation.

Haiti, with all due respect, is the God-designated land for Haitians. The Bahamas is, first and foremost for Bahamians. Yes, if there’s anything left over and we, collectively, want to share a portion with Haitians or anyone else, that would be ok.

Some of his former FNM colleagues, inclusive of the deputy prime minister and the erstwhile minister of housing, have also sought to throw weak body blows on the member for Bamboo Town.  Branville McCartney, however, is merely stating the true sentiments of the majority of right-thinking Bahamians, in my view. Until then, however, to God be the glory in all things.

Yours, etc.,

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