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Second suspect in triple murder turns himself in

Screams pierced the mid-morning air yesterday after the families of the victims of the triple murder on Saturday viewed the bodies of their loved ones.

The victims were identified as Chackara Rahming, 34, Erica Ward, 30, and Edward Corey Braynen, 31.  Family members at the morgue of the Princess Margaret Hospital yesterday expressed various emotions – some wailing loudly and others staring on in apparent disbelief.

According to police, gunmen entered into the one-bedroom apartment at Montgomery Avenue, off Carmichael Road on Saturday and shot and killed Rahming, Ward and her unborn baby and Braynen to avenge the July 12 murders of Kevin Forbes and Alwayne Leslie at the nearby Haitian village.  Both incidents took place less than a mile away from the Carmichael Road Police Station.

Wellington Rahming, father of Chackara, described his daughter as a “nice and sweet child” with a beautiful personality.

However, Rahming said he did not recognize her face when he viewed her body in the morgue.

“What I see in there, that’s not Chackara. That’s not my daughter – not the way how she’s disfigured.  They shot her in her mouth,” said the grieving father.

“She never bothered anybody.  So I don’t know.  I don’t know what to say.  She was always a friendly person.  She loved her children, loved her parents and loved her family,” he said.

The father of one of Rahming’s six children, Marco Strachan, told reporters yesterday that Rahming’s death demonstrates the desperate need for change in the country.

“I know something needs to be done,” Strachan said.  “She left six kids. They have no mother or father because (Edward) Corey was the dad who was killed in the incident.  It’s sad to say this is what is going on.  Something needs to be done.

“If it doesn’t happen in this time, I don’t know what is going to happen.  We have a lot of kids growing up and for them to grow up in the society that [we’ve produced] today, it’s sad to say.

“I pray to God that He touches each individual that is in the House of Parliament because one day it’s coming to each one of them.  I pray that that doesn’t happen.”

Strachan said he now has the difficult task of explaining to his daughter that her mother is dead.

“It’s hard because my daughter, she’s six and I lost my mother when I was six.  So I look at myself when I’m looking at her,” he said.

Strachan said Rahming was “a well-loved person.”

Most of Ward’s family was too distraught to speak.

Ward’s aunt, who did not want to be identified because of the sensitivity of the case, said her family is struggling to come to terms with the murder.

“It’s just too hard.  I just saw her face.  She was eight months pregnant.  That’s my niece.  The only thing I could say is that the way you live, that’s the way you die,” she said declining to comment further.

The Nassau Guardian was unable to speak with any of Braynen’s family.

Timothy ‘Timmy’ Saunders, 32, of Golden Isles and Cowpen Road, who was identified as a suspect in the case on Monday by police, turned himself into police yesterday afternoon.

At the time Saunders turned himself in, investigators already had a 39-year-old man in custody for questioning in connection with the triple murder.

The Nassau Guardian also understands that police have recovered a shotgun they suspect was used during the crime.

According to well-placed police sources, there had been a prior death threat against Ward, who is the girlfriend of Serrano Adderley, the 30-year-old Jamaican charged with the murders of Forbes and Leslie at the nearby Haitian village.

Both Ward and Rahming were shot in the head and Rahming’s boyfriend, Braynen, was shot in the back.

Four young children were also in the home at the time and one of them was shot in the hand, police said.

The country’s murder count now stands at 85.  Last year, 54 murders were recorded by the end of July.


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