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Police station shot at

Police are investigating a gun attack on the Governor’s Harbour Police Station in Eleuthera over the weekend.

Superintendent Elbert Ferguson, the officer in charge of the island, confirmed that officers were in the station when someone opened fire on the building early Saturday morning.

Ferguson said the station was damaged, but he declined further comment on the matter.

However, The Nassau Guardian understands that police on the island are questioning nine people regarding the incident.

No one was injured as a result of the shooting.

Minister of National Security Tommy Turnquest said his first reaction was that a full and thorough investigation was needed.

“The woman constable on duty didn’t see anyone.  She didn’t see any vehicles.  It was only after doing a check did they notice, according to the report, two bullets lodged within the station’s premises.  We are doing an investigation to see what we can find,” said Turnquest.

He added that additional resources were provided to assist with the investigation.

When The Nassau Guardian contacted the Central Eleuthera Administrator Chrisfield Johnson yesterday afternoon, he was about to meet with police regarding the shooting.  He said just about everyone he spoke with concerning the shooting wants to know why the incident occurred.

“Governor’s Harbour as well as all of Eleuthera, the island itself, is an island whereby people feel safe to live in their [residences]; and they feel safe in travel; they feel safe in public places.  Eleuthera is not the place where anybody shoots up anything,” he said.

Johnson said he was going to meet with Ferguson in order to get a better understanding of what happened.

Mainland Eleuthera has a population of around 7,800, according to the 2010 Census.  It, like most of the Family Islands, is not known for having a major crime problem.

This is reportedly the first gun attack on a police station in recent years.  Officers recalled two instances in the 1980s where gunmen shot and wounded officers when they opened fire on stations at Cable Beach and Quakoo Street.  The officers survived those attacks.

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