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Forerunner Ministry celebrates eight anniversary

A week of services celebrating Forerunner Deliverance Ministry’s eighth anniversary concludes on Friday at the church.  Under the theme: “This is My Season of Healing, Restoration and Deliverance”, the Pentecostal and Apostolic services are held nightly at 7:30, and feature a number of dynamic speakers hosted by Pastor Jermaine Jones.

Forerunner Deliverance Ministry came into being after Pastor Jones gave his life to the Lord in March 1993, and heeded the call after being ministered to.  Prior to that, he says he had been a part of a street gang and played a pivotal role in the sale of illicit drugs throughout the community.

For 10 years, Pastor Jones served under the leadership of Bishop Dion Mott and Pastor Monica Paul and was subsequently promoted to assistant pastor.  In early 2002, Prophet Jones says he was gifted by the Spirit of the Lord with a vision to begin work for a dynamic, prophetic and deliverance ministry.  He says his specific purpose was to cast out devils, heal the sick, raise the dead and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the nation, resulting in lives being changed, just as he himself had a life-changing experience by the word of God.

After prayerful consultation with his leader, Pastor Jones launched the ministry in June 2002.  The name “Forerunner” he says was the name given to him by the Lord, specifically to prepare the way for whoever comes after him.

Two years after Pastor Jones established Forerunner Ministry, he was “adopted” by Apostle J. Rodney Roberts who he describes as a father figure and said has been a blessing to Pastor Jones and his personal and church family.  He says the divine connection had a powerful influence in taking Forerunner Ministry to the next level spiritually.

Pastor Jones says he has many testimonies to share about his confrontations with the devil — from satanic forces encounters to receiving a severe electrical shock in 2001 — which he says were all attempts to deter him from what God  ordained for him to do.  But he says he refuses to be deterred and continues to fervently walk in His calling, as his church ministry continues to grow.

In 1996 Pastor Jones married Minister Marie Jones, who he says has been, and continues to be a source of strength and encouragement.  They have been blessed with one daughter, Breonna.

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