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Turnquest: 140 monitoring bracelets issued

Since the implementation of the electronic monitoring program late last year, 140 accused people have been issued ankle bracelets, according to National Security Minister Tommy Turnquest.

In December 2010, an agreement was reached between the government, ICS Concepts, Secure Alert and International Surveillance Services Corporation to implement the system.

The program is “designed to assist with the prevention of crime and to help control and curtail the number of recurring offenses by those on bail,” Turnquest said while speaking to reporters Tuesday at the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative Conference at SuperClubs Breezes.
The government has been concerned about the number of people on bail who come before the courts accused of additional offenses.

“The electronic monitoring program has been very successful in monitoring the whereabouts of persons accused of crime and in providing a level of protection for victims where court orders restrain the accused from coming into contact with the victim,” Turnquest said.

So far, two people have been charged with tampering with the electronic monitoring bracelets they have been ordered to wear. One of the men, 47-year-old Antonio Smith, allegedly cut off his bracelet and remained at large for three days before being captured and charged in early March.

Police allege he removed the bracelet after an ICS operator informed him that he was in a restricted area.

Smith was the second person to appear in court for tampering with a monitoring device.

Michael Darling had his bail revoked earlier this year because he failed to charge the device’s battery daily.

Darling, who is facing assault charges, was the first person tagged with a bracelet after the monitoring system came into effect.

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