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A summit for the sake of love and togetherness

With every new murder in this already record-breaking year, it seems as though community togetherness and values crumble. It’s easy to point fingers, but this week Ambassador Devon A. Rolle is asking believers in the word of God to come together and take a good introspective look at themselves to find the solution to strengthening the community once more.

His 2nd Annual “Kingdom Invasion National Assignment Summit” which takes place from the 2nd to the 4th of November at The Sheraton Cable Beach Resort features several speakers as well as a special morning session for the youth in order to inspire believers to get in touch with their spiritual principles and thus be righteous community leaders.

“People who say they are believers especially in leadership aren’t applying it to themselves in their own lives,” says Ambassador Rolle. “So we need to take an introspective look at how we are living as leaders within the Christian faith.”

Three speakers will address certain aspects of restoring faith over a period of two days: Dr. Patrick Paul will speak on “Invading the culture of separation fostered by denominationalism and exposing its opposition to the openness mandate of John 17; Dr. Paul Crites will address “Understanding the influence of one’s character in ensuring a successful invasion of the Kingdoms of this world”; and Ambassador Devon Rolle himself will speak on “Understanding the role of believers in national governance for Kingdom advancement.”

The speakers in these three nights’ sessions, explains Ambassador Rolle, will look at the role of building up spiritual character as a requirement for leadership in order to get the country back on track.

“Everyone’s looking at the government for security, but these leaders come out of society and society is not looking good,” he points out. “What has become our culture of socialization? Can we expect them to be any different from the society they were raised in?”

“You’re wasting your time if you don’t line up your own character before you enter into heaven. You can’t go into areas of society and impact it if you haven’t done introspection in yourself.”

But he hopes real change will be made in the special Leadership Youth Program Friday morning from 9:30-12:30 at The National Centre for the Performing Arts on Shirley Street. Having worked extensively with young people during school lectures and visits, he’s found many open up to him with their desire to strengthen their relationship with Christ and difficulty doing so with today’s social pressures. One part of the program will be to address this in order to help them make a total positive life change.

“The problem is not that young people are not going to church, but rather not being solid with their faith,” explains Ambassador Rolle. “That kind of attitude filters into their adult lives. So I hope to teach them that spiritual awareness to filter into all aspects of life and through that develop a leadership mentality for the future.”

What he also hopes to get across is something not usually touched upon in these sessions—a path to conscious health. After all, if one’s body is a temple, it deserves to be treated like one, and Dr. Elvira Higgs will help them become aware of healthier habits and choices in their lives as a way to keep on God’s path.

“My belief in life is that we’ve all been sent here with a purpose determined by God. But we can’t fulfill it if you eat yourself to an early death,” points out Ambassador Rolle. “No matter how spiritual you are, if you don’t take care of your physical body, you can’t be effective.”

“We need to give children a preventative mindset, not a corrective mindset. We’re too reactive and not proactive.”

Overall, Ambassador Rolle really hopes to drive home a message of unity and love, and welcomes anyone in any sect of faith to join in on the night sessions or the special youth program. He hopes it will bring more togetherness between churches and faiths which will improve that spirit of community togetherness. It’s also a call to churches across The Bahamas to leave behind their differences and come together to set an example.

“I want to make sure this is across denominations because I believe we can have our individual expressions of faith without being divided,” he says.  “The separatist spirit means no one is anyone’s keeper anymore. We have to look at ourselves and see if we are the ones causing this separatist culture.”

Indeed, Ambassador Rolle hopes his summit will be an effective tool in fostering love in the community once more, and hopes that above all, in improving one’s spiritual beliefs, values and morals, love prevails.

“If we demonstrate love, we will see that there is little to fear,” he says. “These delinquents in society are people who have not experienced true love in their lives. The way to combat crime in this country is not through aggression but through love. If we love we’ll see forgiveness start to happen.”

“A whole lot of internal healing needs to happen and I hope we can play a part in helping this healing along.”

For more information, contact Ambassador Devon Rolle at [email protected]

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