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Atlantis chief wants guests to experience more of Bahamas

Atlantis officials are hoping to expose their guests to more things Bahamian, and that includes locations not on Paradise Island, said managing Director of Kerzner International Bahamas George Markantonis.

Speaking at a press conference yesterday, he said, “We encourage people to leave their hotels and go and see the sights.

“There have been some improvements happening on Bay Street that will continue to happen. I think people are very pleased with what happened for instance on Potter’s Cay.

“It’s completely changed.  When you drive up or down on the bridge now you are seeing a lot of cruise ship passengers and other guests, [even] our hotel guests, down there eating.  How did that happen?

“It was a case of the vendors being encouraged to clean up their act.

“They’ve put up signage and they [now] have menus.  We helped paint the roof and the government participated on very much a beautifying project. The prime minister asked us to get involved and we did. The minute it becomes attractive, now it becomes Bahamian and [tourists say] lets go see that. You don’t just have to be at Atlantis.”

Markantonis also noted that Kerzner International is busy helping to restore Monatgu Beach.

In September, Kerzner International said that it would spend $1.2 million on the expansion and restoration of the area.

Markantonis said then that the beach would be restored to its former glory.

He said, “Montagu Beach also has the fort on it and I don’t think we ever marketed that fort or the history to any tourist ever, but why don’t we?

“I know that once we fix the whole thing up, the Ministry of Tourism [would be very] keen to create yet one other thing that people can go and do,” he said.

“Everybody else celebrates their ruins or history around the world, so should we when we’ve got something to show.”

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