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Dollars for scholars

When the community comes together to benefit some of its members, they may find it comes back to benefit them in the long run.

This Friday night, an event is giving the community the opportunity to do just that, as it presents an evening of art, fashion, and fine food and wine to raise funds for Dollars for Scholars under the Doctor’s Hospital Dr. Meyer Rassin Foundation.

The proceeds will ensure scholarships and financial assistance for Bahamians to pursue education in all areas of heath and medicine—vital for not only improving healthcare in the Bahamas, for also for the economy.

“There is a severe shortage of qualified Bahamians in many of the allied health careers,” points out Barry Rassin, president, Doctors Hospital Health System.

“By providing scholarships in this particular arena we will slowly increase the availability of opportunities for Bahamians. We all know that job creation is crucial and by helping the youth get qualified in specialties with small labor pools, we help our economy.”

Created in 1999, the Foundation honors the memory of the late Dr. Meyer Rassin who founded The Rassin Hospital and dedicated his life to meeting the healthcare needs of the Bahamian community.

Now providing financial assistance in the form of scholarships to hundreds of Bahamians studying in the healthcare field, The Dr. Meyer Rassin Foundation carries on its namesake’s vision of ensuring Bahamians have access to excellent healthcare right at home.

Through events such as the one this Friday, the Foundation can not only receive donations but also support and exposure as an excellent program that benefits the whole community.

“Bahamians are genuinely a giving group of people and we look for unique ways to give people a new and exciting way to help a worthwhile cause while having a great time,” says Jessica Robertson, Doctors Hospital Marketing Director.

“Obviously we want to raise as much money as possible for the scholarship fund so that we can help as many young Bahamians this coming year as possible. We also are excited to use this event as a means of bringing awareness to the Foundation and to the importance of assisting the next generation of Bahamian healthcare providers.”

What’s particularly exciting about this event is that it will be an exclusive art show by the internationally-known artist Jane Waterous at her private residence in Ocean Club Estates on Paradise Island.

Originally from Toronto, Waterous’ prolific artistic practice—painting 90 hours a week or more—means she has exhibited in various cities across North America. Yet she has donated several paintings to local charities on the island and is thrilled to be able to give her talent and time to give back to the Bahamian community where she lives and paints full-time.

“I’m really very lucky that I have something that I can give back,” she says. “Even though I am an ex-pat as they call it, this is where I belong and I love to donate to several worthy causes. Some of them are closer to home than others, and this one in particular because we came here because my husband was ill—we needed warmth and clean air. It helped his health.”

Waterous’ paintings are as varied as her artistic background; having studied Fine Art, Advertising and Design, Computer Animation and Film, her pieces reflects a range of subjects from Buddhist monks to beach scenes and her colorful and playful “gathering” series.

“I’m generally always very eclectic. I do it for the challenge—once I perfect or tie down a style, I like to go on and do something else,” she explains. “Art is so subjective—I try not to pigeonhole the style or subject to a group of people, I just do what I like and that has worked in the past.”

Such a range means that everyone can see something they’ll love—and may find what ties all of her pieces together is the very spirit of playfulness and movement, often embodied through her dramatic use of shadow and light, which will create an overall mood for the evening.

“I’m definitely into the whimsy, into the little bit of a surprise—the unexpected,” she says. “I’m looking forward to a good crowd of people who are coming because they are excited about the Foundation. I hope they all enjoy it and remember why they are there.”

No matter the subject, about half of the proceeds from her 25 pieces on display will go towards the Dr. Meyer Rassin Foundation, which she believes will truly improve the quality and variety of healthcare offered to Bahamians.

“These highly trained people come back to the community in all sorts of ways whether they are nurses, physical therapists, emergency care, all levels of the healthcare system,” she says. “It’s a benefit to everyone from young to old, and the better educated, the better the healthcare.”

Waterous is not the only artist contributing for a good cause, however—models from Rubins clothing store will mingle and display the holiday season’s hottest fashions, while DJ Kirk with Oreyo will provide ambient music.

Chef Andrew of FoodArt by Cacique has put together a spectacular menu of savory and sweet treats. Guests will dine on blackened shrimp cakes with tomato aioli, caramelized onion with BBQ duck, scallion mousse tartlets and orange scented tuna tartar. For dessert, guests will be treated to mini chocolate cake puffs with white vanilla cream filling and white or dark chocolate truffle pops. Drinks will flow courtesy of Burns House and Bristol Wines and Spirits.

Tickets are $175. For ticket information or to make a donation, contact or call 302-4707.

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