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Witness: Car fatally hit murder victim

A motorist fled the scene after knocking down and killing a man with his car, a Supreme Court jury heard yesterday.

Prosecutors have accused Tyrone Francis of the murder of Jonathan Linden on October 10, 2009.  In his opening statement, prosecutor Eucal Bonaby promised to produce evidence that showed Francis and the deceased had an argument at a Royal Castle restaurant shortly before the incident.

Jerome Charlton, who witnessed the incident, testified that a car that approached from behind dragged Linden more than 100 feet as he walked south along Baillou Hill Road.

Charlton said he, Linden, and another man, Elvardo Johnson, were walking single file along Baillou Hill Road when the incident occurred around 3 a.m.

According to Charlton, he saw when the driver escaped from the car through the passenger’s side window following the incident and ran towards King Street.

Charlton said another man remained in the car.  According to him this man also tried to get away, but he told him, “You’re not going anywhere.”

Charlton said he restrained the man, who punched him in the eye in an attempt to escape.  Charlton said he, in turn, punched the man in the stomach.

During cross-examination by defense lawyer Murrio Ducille, Charlton denied that anyone threw objects at the car, which caused the vehicle to swerve and crash.  Charlton strenuously denied this suggestion and he pointed out that the car approached him from behind.

The trial continues before Supreme Court Justice Vera Watkins today.

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