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BSW invests $100K in private security

Bahamas Speed Week has invested more than $100,000 so far in security for its upcoming event, as keeping both the public and the precious vintage vehicles safe becomes a top priority.

“We have our own private security that we have brought in and also the Royal Bahamas Police Force is very positively involved in this,” said David McLaughlin, one of the event’s chief organizers.

“We have operations meetings with them every week; there has been tremendous support from the local authorities.”

In addition to the private security, McLaughlin said organizers have also imported special fences being shipped in from the UK, claiming that “nothing suitable” could be found in the U.S. or The Bahamas. The fences are strong, “unclimbable” and approximately several meters high.

Bahamas Speed Week, running from November 30 to December 4, promises to feature more than $100 million worth of vintage cars from the U.S. and Europe. The owners of these automobiles flying in for the event will expect top-notch security, making the “easily $100,000” outlay absolutely necessary.

“Safety is paramount both in terms of crowd control and making sure people don’t do anything with the motor cars that they shouldn’t,” McLaughlin told Guardian Business.

“Some of these cars have body work so thin you can’t even push on it. On Friday, people will have the chance to see the cars up close, but there will be barriers around them. We want people to have access but with respect.”

The fencing brought in from the UK is expected to encircle the Paddock Club and circuit as well.

The Paddock Club, featuring booths from high-end business, is expected to create a thriving business atmosphere leading to deals and investment among the local and international participants.

A spot in the Paddock Club, starting at $10,000, provides exposure for big name business.

Carlo Milano, Graycliff, Grand Bahama Port Authority, Shell Oil, Callenders and Co, Bahamas Waste, Ardastra Gardens, Bahamas Fast Ferries and Red Bull have all signed on as sponsors.

The number of elite entrants bringing cars to Bahamas Speed Week now stands “in the mid-30s”, McLaughlin added, with 80 percent of this group upgrading from the standard suite at Atlantis in the Royal Tower or even the One&Only at the Ocean Club.

At least five of the entrants will also be guiding their super yachts into Nassau Harbour for the event.

The event is also expected to be a boom for the local tourism industry in terms of spectators, with tickets now on sale for a variety of events.

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