Sunday, Jun 7, 2020
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City Bowling League Results

Monday’s Results

Sonith Lockhart was at his best as he turned in a high game of 267 and a three-game set of 671. In doing so, Lockhart tied the high set of the year and saved his team Hi-Fi Rollers from being swept by the powerful Unique Discovery Bowlers. Unique Discovery prevailed, 2-1. David Slatter led the Unique Discovery team with his 631 three-game set. Lee Davis of the Ten-Back Strikers toppled the pins for a 233 high game. The ladies were led by a 200 high game and 538 high set from Driskell Rolle from the More 94 FM Falcons and a 183 game and a 538 set from Marina McClain of the Hi-Fi Rollers.

Other Scores:
Bahamasair Flyers 2, BEC Shockers 1
Checkers Cafe 2, Value Electrical & Plumbing Hardware 1
Ten-Back Strikers 2, Telco Enterprises 1
Asue Draw Knights 3, More 94 FM Falcons 0

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