Tuesday, May 26, 2020
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Falling standards in western societies

Dear Editor,


On November 11 we pay tribute to the members of the armed forces who gave up their lives so that the rest of us could live ours in freedom.  We might have expected that such ultimate selflessness and self-sacrifice might have conferred upon our societies the wisdom to truly value life and liberty.

Unfortunately, after World War II, the West turned its back on its hard-won freedom and voluntarily succumbed to a dictatorship of relativism that recognizes nothing as being morally definitive.  The result has been life-repudiating legislation that sanctions everything from contraception and prostitution to homosexuality, same-sex marriage, abortion, genetic manipulation and euthanasia.

Today, the West cries for liberation from the tyranny of modernity being imposed by liberal governments as they seek new and ingenious ways of undermining morality and embracing nihilism.  Is this the path western civilization wishes to traverse?


Yours, etc.,

Paul Kokoski

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