Wednesday, Jul 17, 2019
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Reception for Vision Airlines

Dear Editor,

I was on the inaugural Vision Airlines flight that arrived from Baltimore, and I wanted to say that I am so very touched by the reception we received.  I have been coming to Freeport, Grand Bahama for 16 years, since back in the Laker days. Never, ever, have I been greeted by a fire engine bridge of water, a red carpet, a junkanoo band, a row of dignitaries, and a smiling hostess to carry my bag down the stairs off the plane.  What VIP treatment!

Freeport can be very proud of the welcome these passengers received.  I know they will go home and tell all their friends about this wonderful island, and hopefully word will spread.  I want to extend a personal thank you to everyone who helped make this reception such a success and to wish Vision Airlines and Freeport every success with this new partnership.  I’ve already booked a flight to return in December!


Yours, etc.,


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