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Bahamas International Film Festival slashes ticket prices

Looking to cast some good news and extend good will toward the local Bahamian community and film-going public, the Bahamas International Film Festival (BIFF), for the first time in its eight-year history, will have free tickets for the highly anticipated 2011 edition.

All BIFF screenings held at the JFK Galleria will be open to the public at no cost.  Festival screenings begin on Thursday, December 1, and run through Sunday, December 4.  The announcement was made by BIFF Founder and Executive Director, Leslie Vanderpool.

“This is a move that reflects our desire to engage the local community and remove any barrier that may have prevented someone from seeing an amazing film that, if it weren’t for the festival, they would not have the opportunity to see,” said Vanderpool.

“Ultimately, the Bahamas International Film Festival exists for the people of The Bahamas to have access to, and enjoy the best independent cinema from around the world.  We hope that by providing tickets at no cost, more people will be able to share the BIFF experience and become more deeply involved with the Festival.”

Vanderpool said this year’s festival is already shaping up to be the most dynamic and exciting yet.   And that they encourage people to come out and enjoy something they’ve helped build.

“There’s no excuse not to come to the movies now,” she said.

For four days (December 1 – 4), the public has the opportunity to see over 60 amazing, critically acclaimed films, including features, shorts, documentaries, and animation from around the world.  BIFF has become the most important cultural and social event of The Bahamas.


About the Bahamas International Film Festival

The Bahamas International Film Festival (BIFF) is a nonprofit organization committed to providing the local community and International festival goers with a diverse presentation of films from The Bahamas and around the world. In addition to showcasing films that might not otherwise be released theatrically, BIFF provides unique cultural experiences, educational programs, and forums for exploring the past, present and future of cinema. BIFF aims to raise the level of filmmaking, participation and education throughout The Bahamas and the world.


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