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Commonwealth Bank takes to heart urgent appeal to save child’s life

Commonwealth Bank recently presented a special $10,000 donation to the Sir Victor Sassoon (Bahamas) Heart Foundation.

The notable charity, founded by the late Lady Sassoon, provides life saving operations to children with critical heart conditions.

The bank, a supporter of the foundation, responded to an urgent appeal made by its Chairman R.E. Barnes, who explained that for the first time ever the organization was facing an extraordinary challenge which has affected its budget drastically.

Annually the foundation’s fundraising efforts have been able to cover healthcare costs, as much as 15 operations for beneficiaries needing critical medical care and/or surgery provided through local and international channels.  In many cases, the pediatric cardiac surgeries performed would restore the circulation in a child’s heart to as normal a level as possible, so a child can live a long and active life.

Chairman Barnes has confirmed that 10 of a possible 15 complicated and expensive surgeries have been completed to date.  However, the foundation continues to receive a number of requests for assistance from parents of newborns, toddlers and teenagers with various forms of heart defects.  These requests presently exceed the organization’s annual healthcare projections, and as the numbers on the waiting list increase, the foundation’s concerns also mount considerably as time, limited financial resources and a deep desire to fulfill their mandate looms.

“As a parent, your daily prayer is for your child to be safe, happy and healthy,” says Ian Jennings, president of Commonwealth Bank.  “The outlook and the enormity of the challenges facing these families with children born with heart defects are truly grave, especially when compounded by the realities of exorbitant healthcare costs.  We can only hope that these burdens would be lessened by knowing that an organization like the Sir Victor Sassoon (Bahamas) Heart Foundation exists and is in their corner.  The foundation wants to ensure that each child in need receives the care necessary, so they may live the best possible life, and Commonwealth Bank is privileged to support such an organization and wishes them all the best as they continue to do amazing work.”

The bank has a strong tradition of supporting health-oriented charities including the Cancer Society of The Bahamas, Kingdor National Parkinson Foundation, the Bahamas AIDS Foundation and the Bahamas Diabetic Association.

Commonwealth Bank is the nation’s largest publicly-held firm with approximately 6,500 shareholders.  The bank continues to lead the industry in service and convenience with eleven branches in New Providence, Abaco and Grand Bahama.

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