Monday, Jan 20, 2020
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Christie had it right

Dear Editor,

Perry G. Christie had it right, National Health Insurance is the best thing for our country.  Listen to the daily talk shows and the media.  People are crying for help for their medical bills, and in these hard economic times some have passed on before they could raise the money for their treatments.   From July 2011 to now I have had my trials and tribulation mountain to climb.   I have seen so many Bahamians who cannot afford treatments like myself who had to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars.   We must give thanks regularly because the life you save may be your own.   The “special interest boss hogs from the Dukes of Hassle County” could not care less what happens to the poor because they can afford to pay for themselves and families.

I must give thanks to my sister Gwen Hanna, Mary Hanna, Wenzel Hanna, Carolyn Farrington and Bishop Leroy and Nancy Hanna Jr. who prayed for me and continue to do so; my friend Cartwright who was running between the Eye Institute and Cira Garcia Hospital to visit me and Dr. B; also a friend Mr. Rolle who I met down here and went with me as far as the operation room, our First Lady who had surgery at my hospital and our ambassador.

I must also give thanks to the doctors, nurses and staff, especially Dr. Iraisis Door, cataract specialist, for the excellent service rendered.

I must give special thanks to Phillip “Brave” and Annmarie Davis for the support, the phone calls made to us not only checking on Dr. B and myself, but asking about all of the Bahamians here and who will be coming to see us before we return home.  May God continue to bless all of you real good.

Yours, etc.,

Audley D. Hanna Sr.

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